Chiru Consulting provides cutting edge solutions in the latest technologies and has specialized expertise in Information Technology and Geographic Information Systems. We provide services for Municipal, County, Transportation and Private commercial clients. We facilitate ideas to extract and compile data in novel ways and present the data as desired by the clients. We assess client's needs, plan & implement GIS system - right from the stage of integrating data to GIS development and implementation.


Broadly, our services may be categorized as:

1. Needs Assessment
2. Planning & Design
3. GIS data conversion & Migration
4. Develop custom GIS Application
5. GPS & GIS Integration
6. Training & Support.

Chiru Consulting has developed custom solutions to manage your Assets and GIS applications. We help you to implement standard industry packages with customized tools to meet your needs. To avoid extensive staff training, we have also developed custom tools to assist in easy data accumulation and to generate reports.